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Power, Precision & Mindfulness


Named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga” and considered a “teacher’s teacher”, Jason Crandell has been active in the international yoga community for more than a decade.   He has taught on […]

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Experience and Experiment on the Chair


Master HS Arun practises Iyenga yoga which utilizes various props. Among them, he considers the chair offers various possibilities for exploring asanas. Hence, Master Arun has always been planning to author a book to share […]

Yoga Practice

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Partner Yoga


Partner yoga is non-competitive as two or more people can engage.  It develops trust between yogis who explore the spiritual nuances of the craft together.  Partners can assist one another with more challenging asanas.  […]

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy for Shoulder Bursitis


The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint and has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. Because of this mobility, it is at risk for injury or degenerative problems.

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Yoga Therapy for High Cholesterol


Everyone’s body needs cholesterol, but too much can spell trouble for some.  Cholesterol is both our friend and foe.

Cholesterol is found in foods delivered from animal products like meat, cheese, poultry or […]

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  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Tomato and Cucumber Salad


The tomato takes its roots in the ancient Aztecs civilizations in Mexico. The Aztecs called it “tomatl” which means, “Fat fruit”.  When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they called it “tomate”.

Yoga Community

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Why We Teach Yoga


YAC Yoga Program for Women Recovering From Breast Cancer at Tuen Mun Hospital “I feel more comfortable after doing yoga. It helps to relieve the body aches from [chemo] treatments. That’s why I came today, even though my body is still quite sore from the recent chemo.” — Kam, YAC/TMH Yoga Program Participant


Namaste, St. Anne


St. Anne’s Filipino Catholic Group Shares Yoga With its Members

“We are enjoying yoga very much, but how can we pay to all the kindness done by your community especially the volunteer teachers […]


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