High Quality Copper Neti Pot

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Copper is the traditionally used metal, as it is believed to have curative and medicinal effects. Copper Neti pots are unbreakable and come in large size. Excellent system of cleansing nasal passages and preventing allergies and colds. According to Yoga Therapy, a nasal pot helps to promote the removal of excess mucus due to congestion, rid nostrils of pollen and other allergens, cleanse the nasal membranes of dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants, relieve nasal dryness due to air travel, improve flow of breath before doing relaxation or meditation techniques.

This Unbreakable Neti Pot is made of light weight material which is easy to use and convenient for carrying wherever you go.

Best selling Unbreakable Neti Pot.

- Clinically Proven Effective for Sinus and Allergy Symptoms

- Unbreakable and Dishwasher Safe

- Easy to use and convenient to carry.

- It comes with a manual of how to do the Jal neti Kriya properly.

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  • High Quality Copper Neti Pot

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