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Jayla Pearce: Making Yoga Accessible

Interview By Sebastian Thomas

When it comes to practicing and teaching yoga to newcomers and those more advanced, Jayla Pearce is a well known teacher in Canada. The Toronto, Ontario resident who go...

Being a mother can help you live a healthy & active lifestyle!

Some of the hot topics on her show are health, fitness, yoga, meditation and living the life you want as a woman and as a mother. Asana Journal had the opportunity to speak to Breegan about how these topics personally relate to her life today.  

Yoga Practice

Uthana Vyaghrasana / Raised Tiger Pose (Advanced Variation)

Sep 29th, 2018

By Louise Vas, with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Kammy Tsang This month’s featured pose is Uthana Vyaghrasa, an advanced variation of Vy...

Champion a Hot Journey

Aug 15th, 2017

Joseph Encinia first competed in Texas in 2005. After years of dedication, he won the 2009 National Yoga Asana Championship and placed 2nd internationally. With continued...

Asana Challenge – Urdhva Kukutasana

Aug 13th, 2017

In Sanskrit, “Kukuta” refers to the Cock and “Urdhva” means upward. Urdhva Kukutasana is one of the most di...

Ayurveda Talks

Turmeric and Diabetes

May 10th, 2015

Turmeric is a sought-after Indian spice and is widely used in almost all the native delicacies that belong to this part of the Asian continen...

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