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Can Yoga help relieve pain?

Interview with Dr. Peyman Gravori, Doctor to the Top Stars and Athletes

Dr. Peyman Gravori is one of the world’s top spine & pain manage ment doctors working out of ProMedSPINE (

Martial Arts to Yoga the journey of Kostyantyn Yaremenko

Asana: When did you start yoga practice? What is your yoga style?

Kostyantyn: I start to practice yoga when I was 16. My first serious book about yoga was B.K.S. Iyengar â€...

Yoga Practice

Padma Sirsasana/ Lotus Headstand Variation

Aug 1st, 2018

This month’s featured pose is an advanced variation of Salamba Sirsana or supported headstand. In this p...

Asana Challenge: From Bakasana (Crane) to Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)

Oct 18th, 2017

When you are able to perform Bakasana with ease and con?dence, advancing it to Adho mukha vrksasana (Handstand) wil...

Plowing Through Our Karma

Nov 10th, 2017

Actions bring results, good or bad. In the East, it’s called “Karma”. In the West, the golden rule – what y...

Ayurveda Talks

Dysmenorrhoea an Insight

Jan 25th, 2016

Pain is the most common associate during every woman’s menstrual cycle. However, pain to such an extent that it becomes intolerable and affects the normal...

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