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Award-Winning Theatre Director Marina Montesanti Gives Thanks To Meditation

Marina Montesanti is an awardwinning theatre director originally from Brazil. Over her life she has also lived in Argentina and South Africa, before now living full-time in New York City. While the l...

Five Senses Therapy - Richard Girolami

Richard Girolami has been studying and working on the human body for more than 20 years, training in many forms of hands on therapy, movement, sport, meditation and bodywork. He is qualified in kinesiology and wellness hold a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese...

Yoga Practice

Parivrtta Hanumanasana/ Revolved Monkey Pose

Jan 5th, 2019

By Louise Vas (Instagram @wyswys), with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Esti Puji

This mo...

The Myths of Backbend (3) Turbo your Hip

Sep 7th, 2017

This month we continue the techniques of practising backbends. Have you already powered up the baby toes and fuelled your legs? We now move on the deep hip opening. Stay ...

Beyond Inversion

Aug 16th, 2017

Legendary yoga teacher Sri Dharma Mittra (“Sri DM”) first encountered yoga as a teenager before meeting his Guru in 1964 and beginning his training i...

Ayurveda Talks


Feb 13th, 2017

Baldness and dandruff are among the most pervasive hair and scalp problems. Hair loss may be either the result of illness or a normal genetic response to testosterone, th...

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