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Award-Winning Theatre Director Marina Montesanti Gives Thanks To Meditation

Marina Montesanti is an awardwinning theatre director originally from Brazil. Over her life she has also lived in Argentina and South Africa, before now living full-time in New York City. While the l...

Two Daily Yoga Postures to Practice for a Lifetime

Two yoga poses I have come to see in my work as a Yoga Therapist are strikingly effective, are accessible to almost anyone and can be practiced daily to copious benefit. My clientele are midli...

Yoga Practice

Parivrtta Hanumanasana/ Revolved Monkey Pose

Jan 5th, 2019

By Louise Vas (Instagram @wyswys), with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Esti Puji

This mo...

Eka Pada Koundinyasana/ One-legged Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya

Feb 17th, 2016

This month’s featured pose is Eka Pada Koundinyasana. The name of the pose is derived from the terms “eka” or one, “pada” or foot/leg, “Koundinya” who is a ...

Ayurveda Talks

Herbs to enhance beauty

Jun 12th, 2018

Though Ayurveda describes many herbs, combinations and formulations, few chosen herbs can do real magic on...

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