Yoga Feature

Award-Winning Theatre Director Marina Montesanti Gives Thanks To Meditation

Marina Montesanti is an awardwinning theatre director originally from Brazil. Over her life she has also lived in Argentina and South Africa, before now living full-time in New York City. While the l...

Chakras and Relationships

We all know the importance of ‘balance’ in creation. Everything in the universe is in its place because of balance. Similarly, all the forces of the nature, higher or lower, have to be in balance all the ...

Yoga Practice

Parivrtta Hanumanasana/ Revolved Monkey Pose

Jan 5th, 2019

By Louise Vas (Instagram @wyswys), with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Esti Puji

This mo...

Urdhva Dhanurasana / Raised Bow Pose

Mar 14th, 2018

By Louise Vas, with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Angela Yeung In this month’s featured pose, we look into an intermediate version of Dh...

Padma Sirsasana/ Lotus Headstand Pose

Nov 4th, 2015

Padma Sirsasana is derived from the terms “Padma” or lotus, “sirsa” or head and “asana” or pose. Inversion poses are beneficial to the practitioner as it s...

Ayurveda Talks

Prakriti Analysis – identify your own prakriti

Jun 29th, 2016

We discussed about how the five elements are engineered in the body last month. Now, the question remains as to how to identify our own prakriti and live accordingly. Wel...

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