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Yoga & Meditation: Helping Solve the Tech World’s Big Problems

Interview by Sebastian Thomas

Nathalie De Clercq is one of the technology world’ s leading female entrepreneurs. With her crowd-funding product website and marketplace recently launche...

Begin A New Life With Yoga - Interview with Jared McCann

1. When did you start your yoga practice? How did it change your life and your drug addiction? Jared McCann: I started yoga in 2004. I had moved to NYC to pursue my music career and got involved with a guy who worked on wall street. We went out every ni...

Yoga Practice

Yoga’s One Little Flaw

Feb 8th, 2018

Yoga brings balance to the mind, body and spirit. I agree it does at least for the mind and spirit but whe...


Oct 12th, 2017

Surya (Sun) Namaskaram (Salutation) is the most commonly practised yoga sequence by many Yoga traditions today. ...

Ayurveda Talks

Think beautiful, be beautiful

Jul 4th, 2015

A worthy gift speaks for itself, no matter how it is wrapped. And yes, this is the secret for a glowing skin. Now, let me unlock the secret f...

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