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Award-Winning Theatre Director Marina Montesanti Gives Thanks To Meditation

Marina Montesanti is an awardwinning theatre director originally from Brazil. Over her life she has also lived in Argentina and South Africa, before now living full-time in New York City. While the l...

Corporate World to Yoga Interview with Nicole Walsh

1. How did you find out about yoga and start your practice? I started going to yoga classes with a friend when I was in my 20’s. My friend was recovering from a severe illness, and her doctor suggested she take up yoga. I went along for mora...

Yoga Practice

Parivrtta Hanumanasana/ Revolved Monkey Pose

Jan 5th, 2019

By Louise Vas (Instagram @wyswys), with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Esti Puji

This mo...

Viparita Koormasana/Inverted Tortoise Pose

May 8th, 2018

By Louise Vas, with the guidance of Yogananth Andiappan Poses demonstrated by Joan Wong Jolliffe This month’s featured pose explores the inverted version of Koormas...

The deeper meaning of asana Part 2

Sep 12th, 2017

Asana, as we understood in the previous article, is a means of synchronising with source. The mind is focused on...

Ayurveda Talks

Ayurvedic Diet Principles for Diabetes

Jun 29th, 2017

Plants combine water, carbon dioxide from the air, and nutrients from the soil to synthesize all the compounds necessary for animal life. We live on vegetables whether we...

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