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Keeping Calm, Breathing & Doing Yoga the Organic, Natural Komuso Design Way!

When it comes to controlling your breath, there are a lot of different ways. But one of the key aspects is being able to control your mind, to then help you control your breath. And with this concept, married duo Todd and Vanessa Steinberg created an organic "jew...

Hot yoga on the weekends with Actress Natasha Marc!

Born and raised in New Orleans, actress Natasha Marc quickly found her passion in the arts and moved to Hollywood, California to follow her dreams. Since that move, Natasha has appeared on countless television shows such as The Rookie, Timeless, Ballers and Days ...

Yoga Practice

4 reasons to hold your big toe

May 2nd, 2020

Studying yoga, you may notice that many asanas consist angustha-grab – a capture of big toe by three fingers. Let's find out which benefits it may bring.

4 Poses to Practice on Your Way to Handstands

Jan 23rd, 2018

One inversion that requires active engagement of the whole body is the handstand, or Adho Mukha Vrksasana. Handstands require not only physical ability, but mental abilit...

Sun Salutation Surya Namaskaram Variation 25

Aug 22nd, 2017

Surya (Sun) Namaskaram (Salutation) is the most commonly practised yoga sequence by many Yoga traditions today. ...

Ayurveda Talks

A Bird’s Eye View of the History of Ayurveda – Part 1

Feb 12th, 2018

Medicine is as old as life itself. The survival of the species demands that with the appearance of disease...

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