Sounds through the Transatlantic

Aug 13th, 2017

San Francisco based recording label, Hearts Eye Records (with sidekick label Bass Star Records) have released Transatlantic Chillout, just one day before the 12/12/12 transitional date in astrology, astronomy, numerology, mythology, chronology, and for the sake of studying music in the now, musicology (had to toss this one in there), logically.

So let’s get back to the music. Transatlantic Chillout is not surprisingly a “chillout” record, but the creative approach to it is that it unifies Portuguese and Brazilian music. Creatively, the album’s goal is to blend multiple formats without any boundaries, having at least one track inflatable water slide appealing to the listener. The minds behind the record include Fernando Abreu and Luciano Sallun who strategically chose styles that deserve to be represented from one continent to the next, across the Atlantic, equally. Each composition had to meet a positive vibration for one, while allowing the listener to relax to its beauty, sounds, colours, landscapes and emotions.

Artists featured on the record consist of Pedra Branca, Teresa Gabriel, Smiley Pixie, Shakri, Ambiens Indages, Sérgio Walgood, Baque in Beat and many others. Both labels have agreed to a free music download offer, in which they bring you track title “Barimbau Groove” by Pedra Branca; Brazilian based group consisting of Luciano Sallun and Aquiles Ghirelli.


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