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Karuna has had the pleasure of teaching kids Yoga for over 20 years. She has taught in both public and private schools, studios and community centers. She has instructed private lessons, led family Yoga classes, designed, instructed and hosted kid Yoga public performances, taught teen Yoga, served regularly as a summer camp Yoga instructor and is the creator of “Conscious Kids”- a holistic approach to kid health and happiness using a wide range of healing modalities. Under the direct instruction and advice of her teacher, Yoga Master Swami Kailashananda, Karuna has taken her skills out to budding Yogis of every age in order to help kids develop better concentration; promote greater self-confidence and constructive habits for physical, mental and emotional well-being which they can continue to use throughout their lives.

Yoga Practice

Plowing Through Our Karma

Actions bring results, good or bad. In the East, it’s called “Karma”. In the West, the golden rule – what you sow, you reap. In the world...

Nov 10th, 2017
Yoga Feature

Enduring Practice

During the past nineteen years of practicing yoga asanas, I’ve unrolled my mat in a variety of places including parks, balconies, beaches, hotels, airports, rooftops, basements, backyards, m...
Aug 14th, 2017
Yoga Feature

Moving Towards Higher Consciousness

Namaste Friends.  As we strive to bring more peace and light into our lives through the practice of Yoga, let’s take a look at seven key points that can help us move towards higher consciousness. ...
Apr 10th, 2017