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Kevin practices and guides Writing, Music, Movement and Yogic Arts in ways that hone intuition and promote healing growth from a place of integrity in all aspects of life. He has been a conscious activist from an early age and has fused that with movement through a 10-year career as a ballet and modern dancer and a dedication to the art of yoga. His passion for union through creation has unfurled amongst a vast array of profound teachers and modalities. As such, his practice fuses creative artistry with the wisdom of asana, bhakti, meditation, qigong and philosophy- all of which he has been fortunate to study in places steeped with lineage and tradition such as India, Bali and Myanmar. He is currently based in Bali but continues to share his offerings internationally. For more information visit


Search for Passion

How often are we prompted to find ourselves? These days in the trending new-age world of spiritual fitness and festivals, there is a sense that we must search for a uniqueness that is separate from th...
Dec 13th, 2016
Yoga Philosophy

The Temple of the Heart

I often hear comments from yoga teachers in typically western and/ or affluent cultures describing the ways they are requested to teach yoga from their employers. More often than not, if it’s a cor...
Aug 24th, 2016