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There is mention of the churning of the celestial ocean by the devs and asurs in the vedic texts. The ocean was churned to obtain the Divine nectar or amrit and required the combined force of devs and...
Jun 29th, 2017
Ayurveda Talks

The process of Pranayam

Yoga is the science of entire creation. Sun, moon, earth, water, sky, fire as well as human body are various aspects of creation, yoga is the sum total of it all. What is the force that powers the var...
Dec 13th, 2016

Anti-ageing – Breathe It Right

If you trace a person from being an infant to a full grown adult, you will notice, in most cases, a progressive decline in the skin texture and complexion. A baby is glowing pink whereas most adults, ...
Oct 7th, 2016