Clarity of Thought

Oct 23rd, 2017

Clarity of Thought

I awoke into the clarity of my thoughts.
Magnetic, I allowed the currents of life to flow through the psyche of my mind.
Embracing the passage of time, throughout the fibers of my physical being.
I became one with this energy, infinitely growing, evolving with every breath of life.


Nature speaks to the soul a wanting that is one with the essence of our world.
Nature reminds the core of our oneness with that which surrounds the very fibers of all that we have ever known.
Nature brings to light a gentle balance that thrives within the nucleus of every waking soul.
Nature is the very power that excites the timid, and makes humble the vivid, and often bold.

About the Author
Anousheh Elmi, is the author of The Source Within: A Collection of Poems Inspired from the Heart. Anousheh’s poems come from a place deep within the self, a place where all positive energy lies. It is from within this sanctuary of love and creativity, that she hopes to inspire others to explore within. For more of Anousheh’s poetry, events, and latest publications, visit her blog at

Anousheh Elmi


Anousheh, is a trial attorney, author, and practitioner of active meditation through the art of poetry. Through creative writing and poetic expression, she explores the unique connection between the neural pathways of the heart and brain, as she expands upon the dimensions of the mind. You can follow her work on

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