Pacific Journey

Mar 19th, 2016

Artist: Logical Drift
Album Title: Pacific Journey
Record Label: NYC Music
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In his sixth record release under the Logical Drift project, veteran music writer, composer and producer, John Matarazzo creates yet another collection of psychological dreamscapes and aural environments that evoke spiritual responses from the listener in ‘Pacific Journey’. The knowledge of ancient spiritual systems Matarazzo possesses, especially through two decades of field recordings in sacred lands stretching from Tibet to Indonesia (along the Pacific), culturally touches on multi-instrumentational, authentic soundscapes that heighten the listeners’ sense of wellness and tranquility.

The 11-tracks presented on Pacific Journey features instruments like sitar, tabla, sarod, acoustic guitars, synths, percussion, gamelan gongs, as well as orchestral Elements, choir and harmonium.

Pacific Journey was conceived and created as a response to the beauty and grandeur of the islands scattered throughout the wide expanse of the South Pacific Ocean. On journeys from Bali to Sumatra to Guam and across the Polynesian archipelago, Matarazzo was struck by the Immense spaces and tranquil atmosphere of these lands surrounded by deep blue waters. The people, mystical and yet matter of fact, in their daily comings and goings create a sense of mystery in their response to the incredible beauty surrounding them.

Matarazzo sums it up thusly, “We cross spacious, ethereal, deliquescent planes full of sounds floating in liquid air above a horizon filled with wondrous light and shadow. Then a ritual dance for a ceremony in a temple. Feminine forms splash orchids. Then tough masks appear; relentless characters…butterflies really. Seducing and teasing with broad smiles and ecstatic expressions. Demon, alone. His freedom to walk among the lotus blossoms; to play; move and be happy.”

The NYCMusic label is offering a free download of track title “Dance In The Lotus Garden”, the second track off Pacific Journey linked below.

Artist Q&A w/ John Matarazzo of Logical Drift

Q: Josh East
Visiting so many culturally ancient countries and witnessing their spiritual elements early in your career, with many holding on to their yoga heritage, when was it that you decided to fully embrace yoga as a practice and what inspired you to take it on?

A: John Matarazzo
I started studying yoga in 1971 as a student of Swami Satchidananda who founded the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City.

Q: Josh East
Yogis, perhaps in a more traditional sense, are not interested in listening to music while practicing yoga due to a disturbance in silence, breathing, etc. Have you noticed a change in this thought pattern, with more new and customized yoga classes being introduced, not just in the west, but worldwide?

A: John Matarazzo
Yes. I think people enjoy movements in time with a musical (aural) framework. I think for many people it helps them relax and focus.

FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD – “Dance In The Lotus Garden” – by Logical Drift



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