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My Yoga Journey

I started attending Yoga class in 2003 in a gym club on and off for half a year. When I look back now, it is clear to me that I was not doing it correctly at that time. I did Konasana by resting my el...
Nov 15th, 2017
Yoga Practice

The Gift of Free Yoga

What is it about Yoga that attracts so many people to practise this 5,000 year old tradition? Is it the philosophy? Is it because it grants us an hour-long break from our hectic lives where we can foc...
Nov 13th, 2017
Yoga Practice

Plowing Through Our Karma

Actions bring results, good or bad. In the East, it’s called “Karma”. In the West, the golden rule – what you sow, you reap. In the world...

Nov 10th, 2017
Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Arthritis

Everyone must have either come across or heard of Arthristis. Maybe somebody near and dear to you has experienced it. If neglected, it could affe...

Nov 9th, 2017
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