Universal Consciousness

Sep 25th, 2017

In silence we learn truth and recognize depth,
Flowing inward into an ocean of endless awareness that is this present space,
And within this silence we recognize truth,
A realisation that the future is just an illusion that has yet to manifest itself,
And all we really are,
Is an enigma of this present reality,
Whose purpose is to expand upon the evolution of universal consciousness.


About the Author
Anousheh Elmi, is the author of The Source Within: A Collection of Poems Inspired from the Heart. Anousheh’s poems come from a place deep within the self, a place where all positive energy lies. It is from within this sanctuary of love and creativity, that she hopes to inspire others to explore within. For more of Anousheh’s poetry, events, and latest publications, visit her blog at www.anoushehpoet.com.

Anousheh Elmi


Anousheh, is a trial attorney, author, and practitioner of active meditation through the art of poetry. Through creative writing and poetic expression, she explores the unique connection between the neural pathways of the heart and brain, as she expands upon the dimensions of the mind. You can follow her work on www.amindfulsynergy.com

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