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Hormone Yoga therapy for Women - Interview with Dinah Rodriguez

Dinah Rodrigues, yoga therapist, graduated in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of S. Paulo – Brazil. Her objective is to help women to reactivate their hormone production. She helps also women who have difficulty to get pregnant, polycystic ovaries, ...

Meditation, Zen Buddhism & Taoism: Helping Entrepreneurs Find Balance To Succeed!

Buddhism and its beliefs have been around for thousands of years, with now over 520 million ‘followers’ worldwide. Zen Buddhism beliefs are very pragmatic and down to earth. Zen is essentially a ...

Yoga Practice


Oct 6th, 2021

Welcome to the world of Vibrational Yin. Vibrational Yin is a form of practice that deeply combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yin yoga...

Sun Salutation Surya Namaskaram Variation 26

Aug 29th, 2017

Surya (Sun) Namaskaram (Salutation) is the most commonly practised yoga sequence by many Yoga traditions today. ...

Growing Yoga on the Web

Dec 2nd, 2017

What are your options when you move to an area that has little or no Yoga? How would you feel if before the move you were practicing 5 days a week? This was my dilemma wh...

Ayurveda Talks

Dysmenorrhoea an Insight

Jan 25th, 2016

Pain is the most common associate during every woman’s menstrual cycle. However, pain to such an extent that it becomes intolerable and affects the normal...

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