Shamanic Experience

Aug 17th, 2016

Artist: Jedidiah
Album Title: Shamanic Experience
Record Label: Ovnimoon Records
Availability:  Beatport | Beatspace | Goastore | Psyshop

Earlier this year, the Breathe Beats column reviewed Mexican electronic artist Jedidiah for his Equilibrium EP, his second psychedelic chill and downtempo EP release off Ovnimoon Records. Jedidiah, personally known as Joaquin Rodriguez Huerta, shares yet another personal musical creation – this time a first ever full length LP titled Shamanic Experience.

The eight-track album presents crystal clear soothing elements and bass-driven ritualized anthems. Jedidiah determines to connect with his listeners on a deep spiritual wave, where some may even feel a higher vibration on a cellular level as each track travels through one’s meridian system, metaphysically as well as scientifically speaking by some independent research.

This a lineage from the Tlahuica culture, one of the regional ethnic groups of Aztec civilization. As discovered within the Equilibrium EP review, Jedidiah reaches within his ancient DNA memories, bringing shamanistic dreams of nature that join all living things through the all mighty power of music.

For the average yogi who uses music during their practice, Shamanic Experience is indeed worth a listen with just under a 50-minute total run time. The album opens up in a dreamy drum inflatable water slide circle initiation, well-suited as an introduction in a relaxation and meditative way. The remaining tracks are infused with downtempo and experimental instrumentation and soundscapes, with a hint of sampled chanting along the way.

Ovnimoon Records and Jedidiah have both provided ASANA Journal readers with a free music download offer of the 6th track titled, ‘Inner Light’ below.

Artist Q&A w/ Jedidiah

Josh East: As a meditation practitioner highly connected with nature, how did the two help in the creative process behind composing Shamanic Experience?

Jedidiah: My biggest connection was through my shaman friend who has taught me many things that we sometimes lack in knowledge. One that has stuck with me is that we are here immersed in a dream of the real plane. He also confessed that I was born with a gift of God which is to help in the process of healing through my music. This album speaks of how I live and my strong connections with ancient people who have taught me the power of sound in the minds of others.

Josh East: With an Azteca cultural heritage, have you connected your lineage within Shamanic Experiences, and if so, in what way?

Jedidiah: My ancestors are the Tlahuica, who were thinkers, astrologers and were travelers of the Astral plane. From my childhood I’ve had many experiences beyond human reality, with what most call angels, though I call them teachers. I think that it’s my duty to convey these experiences through my music, and the unifying factor that these teachers are allies and are here to accompany us.

STREAM ALBUM & FREE DOWNLOAD for TRACK TITLE “Inner Light” – by Jedidiah

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